Trust Office 022 2533 0043 / 022 2539 3766
College Office 022 2087 7215
World Senior Citizens Day Celebration at Sai Care Centre
World Nature Conservation Day Celebration on 28th July 2023
Workshop on Meditation and Wellness
Webinar on Gender Sensitization
Webinar on Anti Dowry Laws Implementation and Concerns
University First Term Training Program
University Field Coordinator Visit
Students Training Program in DLLE
Senior Citizen Day Celebration
Seminar on ‘Empowerment of Women through Gandhian Lens’
Sangli Kolhapur Flood Relief Collection Drive
Poster Making Activity on Wildlife Conservation
Partition Horrors Remembrance Day
Paper Bag Making
Pani na mile dobara
Online Poster Making Competition
Online Intercollegiate Photography and Videography Competition
Old age home visit- Gurukul Care centre Airoli on the occasion of World senior citizen day. on 21st August 2023
Notebook Making Activity
Maharashtra Police Raising Week Program
International Peace Day Celebration on 21st September 2021
International Peace Day Celebration
Intercollegiate Poster Making and Poetry Writing Competition -31st October 2021
Intercollegiate Poetry Competition
Hand Impression flag and Pledge taking activity on the occassion of 75th Independence Day on 15th August 2023
Guest Lecture
DLLE University Field Coordinator Dr. Sheetal Sawant guiding students
DLLE Training Program
Diya Painting Workshop