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To impart education to all irrespective of cast, creed or nationality with English, Kannada and any other languages as may be necessary as medium of instruction from pre-primary / primary level leading to higher education of Indian Universities / Foreign Universities in all possible faculties.

To facilitate & prepare the students of institution for competitive exams and other statutory advice from the out-sources in the field of Education. To create and develop amongst children and adolescents on attitude of appreciation of the culture, way of life of the people of different regions, states, culture & communities.

To undertake, promote, sponsor, co-ordinate all possible measures to facilitate exchange of ideas and understanding among the people of different regions of the states and Union as well outside the Indian Union in the field of art, music, dance, drama, science & research achievements, literature, health education etc as promotional activities.

To bring about National Integration, to arrange lectures, demonstrations and symposium in any field of education, culture and communities.