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To impart education to all irrespective of cast, creed or nationality with English, Kannada and any other languages as may be necessary as medium of instruction from pre-primary / primary level leading to higher education of Indian Universities/Foreign Universities in all possible faculties i.e. Regular, Professional, Engineering, Medicine, Management Studies, Diplomas in Post Graduation, Technical & Non Technical and other disciplines with approved / facilitated / prescribed / University Grant Commission of India for Graduation, Post Graduation and research & development disciplines as may be that are practicable.

To facilitate & prepare the students of institution for competitive exams and other statutory advice from the out-sources in the field of Education. To help to spread the literacy through “ADULT” education and impart regional language to Kannada and other community people with a view to make them more conversant with the local environment. To create and develop amongst children and adolescents on attitude of appreciation of the culture, way of life of the people of different regions, states, culture & communities.

To organise cultural get together, picnic to various nearby sites to make the Trust and its members in all as “ONE FAMILY, ONE NATION” with its “RICH HERITAGE OF NATION”. To undertake, aid and sponsor, promote visits by children and adolescents of the places of cotemporary, historical and cultural interest in different regions of Union of India & abroad.

To undertake, promote, sponsor, co-ordinate all possible measures to facilitate exchange of ideas and understanding among the people of different regions of the states and Union as well outside the Indian Union in the field of art, music, dance, drama, science & research achievements, literature, health education etc as promotional activities.

To promote among children and adults proper understanding and acknowledge as to way of life problems and prospects of different communities, regions, state and to bring about National Integration. To arrange lectures, demonstration and symposium in any field of education, culture and communities.

To establish contacts with national and international welfare organisations to participate in our exchange programmes and their activities to accept assistance in cash or kind from any appropriate association / forums to represent them in our country and to undertake & to carry-out any of the welfare and charitable activities for the benefits of the people and the country.

To invest the funds/ or money entrusted to the Trust in such securities or in such manners as may from time to time be determined by the Managing Committee and from time to time to sell or transpose such investments and to apply any income or profit so derived in furtherance of the objects of the Trust.

To borrow money as deposit or loan with or without interest through bonds/promissory notes/undertakings or otherwise to apply the money so borrowed on the approved projects or invest the amount and apply the income or profit so derived for any of its objects/activities of the Trust.

To purchase, to take on lease, accept as a gift or otherwise acquire any land and / or buildings or any movable & immovable property which may be necessary or convenient for the Trust. To construct or alter any immovable property of the Trust in reference to the aims & objects of the Trust.

To acquire, hold, exchange, purchase, develop, construct, take on lease or as gift landed property and building or part thereof for conducting education and or for the purpose in furtherance of the objects in any parts of country/abroad.