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Adolescence is a transition phase of stress and storm and the counseling department at JVM’s Junior College tries its best to make this change a smooth experience. Dr. Bharti Shah ,Our counselor visits the college on every Wednesday 10.00 AM to counsel the needy students.


CIDCO scholarship scheme is facilitated within the campus. A student welfare fund has been set-up by our management to assist and encourage meritorious students, who are financially week. The members have also grated financial aid to such students on an individual basis from time to time.


In order to encourage our students to excel academically the college offers trophies to final toppers of each class in all the streams. The college has introduced a rotating trophy for the best class. The institution also awards students for performing well in co-curricular or extracurricular fields in various events/functions.


Students who are admitted to the junior college are eligible to get a bonafide certificate on submitting an application And Rs.20


Only bonafide students of the college below the age of 25 years are eligible for railway concession for their season tickets between he station nearest to their home and Airoli. The students have to apply in a prescribed application form available at the college office time from 10.00 Am To 1.00 Pm. Long journey railway concessions granted only for the vacation periods according to rules of the railways for commuting to their native places as shown in their admission forms.