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It has been great to be associated with the JVM Trust and to be part of its journey towards continuous progress. The Trust has attained numerous milestones during this period, all while maintaining an assertive approach towards its goals. The NAAC 3rd Cycle has also brought about a heightened awareness and substantial improvements in this regard. This scrutiny has motivated us to continually enhance our educational offerings.

The proactive approach towards the admission process in the academic year 2022-23, perhaps aided by ‘Mr. Corona’, has yielded positive results. Nevertheless, we recognize that sustained efforts are required to ensure self-sustainability in the future.

The harmonious relationship between our junior and senior colleges, guided by the visionary leadership of the Principal and Vice Principal, has borne fruit, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth. This synergy needs to be sustained for further growth.

We nurture the students keeping in mind of integrated education and value education in a disciplined, dynamic and hygienic environment. The Infrastructure development and maintenance have been at the forefront of our priorities, as we strive to meet the requirements for delivering a high-quality education system. Continuing with our efforts, this year we completed the construction of a modern media lab for our mass media students. This aligns with our cherished vision of the Trust, which includes creating a strong brand image and achieving significant milestones in our region.

The well-qualified team operating at the grassroots level will further enhance our journey towards self-sustainability. On behalf of the entire team of JVM Trust, I wish the team and its leaders a great success. Together, we can surely achieve even greater success in the future as we continue on this remarkable journey of progress.

Shri. K.H. Deshpande
Hon. Executive President, Jnan Vikas Mandal