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At the outset, I take this opportunity to congratulate the whole team involved in bringing out the goodness, with the intention of showcasing the hidden talents of students and teachers. We all eagerly wait every year to bring the best and uniqueness from our side for the development of our institution.

Friends, there are times when we are compelled to ponder what an ideal educational institution should look like academically. Therefore, it is time for introspection and a thorough assessment of our ‘standing’ in the arena of the educational field.

Our dreams serve as the means to achieve our goals, and our beliefs provide the strength necessary to transform the system with transparency and trustworthiness. As we endeavour to take students "from darkness to light," we must encase our teaching profession with morality and an unbiased attitude. I feel that our objectives are partially achieved, and we have a long journey to traverse further.

The journey towards excellence requires freedom from prejudice and selfishness. The fundamental principles of fair education aim to keep the institution free from polarization. Perhaps it will require a combined effort from all stakeholders to contribute positively to achieve excellence. Let us march towards it!

Shri.V.N Hegde
Hon. President, Jnan Vikas Mandal & Chairman, College Governing Council