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Teaching Staff 2023-24

Name of the Full-time Teacher Designation Year of appointment Nature of appointment (Against Sanctioned post, temporary, permanent) Name of the Department Total years of Experience in the same institution Is the teacher still serving the institution/If not last year of the service of Faculty to the Institution
Dr. B.R. Deshpande Incharge-Principal Asst. Professor 11/7/2003 Permanent Accountancy 20 years Yes Ph.D. -2014, NET- 1997
Dr.(Mrs.) Leena Sarkar Professor 9/6/2002 Permanent Science 21 years Yes Ph.D.-2000, NET-2000
Dr.(Mrs.) Surekha Verma Asst. Professor 11/17/2003 Permanent Commerce 20 years Yes Ph.D.- 2002
Mrs. Ujwala Pawar Asst. Professor 7/14/2004 Permanent Commerce 19 years Yes M.Com2000, SET- 2000
Mr. N.K.Patil Asst. Professor 7/10/2004 Permanent Mathematics 19 years Yes M.Sc-1998, SET-2001
Mrs. Janhavi Kshirsagar Asst. Professor 7/12/2005 Regularized C.S./I.T. 18 years Yes M.Sc.C.S.- 2000
Mrs. Shubhangi Deotale Asst. Professor 7/20/2005 Regularized Mathematics 18 years Yes M.SC-1996, M.Phil -2006
Mrs. Harshada Niju Asst. Professor 7/7/2005 Regularized Science 18 years Yes M.Sc.2001
Dr. savitri Dholey Asst. Professor 7/17/2006 Regularized B.A.M.M.C. 17 years Yes Ph.D.- 2010
Mrs. Sandhya Patil Asst. Professor 7/15/2006 Regularized Science 17 years Yes M.Sc-2005
Mrs. Sarita Sarang Asst. Professor 12/18/2007 Regularized C.S./I.T. 16 years Yes M.C.A. - 2012
Mrs. Yogita Sawant Asst. Professor 7/16/2007 Regularized B.M.S. 16 years Yes M.A.- 2005, NET-2018
Mrs. Archana Sanap Asst. Professor 6/16/2008 Regularized C.S./I.T. 15 years Yes M.C.A. - 2012
Dr. Sanjivani Nalkar Asst. Professor 6/12/2008 Regularized C.S./I.T. 15 years Yes Ph.D.-2020
Mrs. Prema Bardhan Asst. Professor 6/11/2008 Regularized Economics (Commerce) 15 years Yes M.A. - 2007
Dr. Prajakata Kadu Asst. Professor 7/1/2009 Regularized Science 14 years Yes Ph.D-2008
Mr. Ashish Chavan Asst. Professor 6/10/2009 Regularized C.S./I.T. 14 years Yes M.Sc.I.T-2013
Ms. Kavita Manoj Asst. Professor 7/6/2009 Regularized Commerce 14 years Yes M.Com-2008, M.Phil.- 2009
Mrs. Sindhu Ramani Asst. Professor 7/1/2009 Permanent B.A.M.M.C. 14 years Yes M.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)-2015, SET-2018
Mr. Kishor Chouhan Asst. Professor 7/24/2010 Permanent B.B.I./B.A.F. 13 years Yes M.Com-2006, M.Phil-2008, SET-2017
Mrs. Sharayu Kadam Asst. Professor 6/25/2010 Regularized C.S./I.T. 13 years Yes M.Sc.C.S. - 2008
Dr. Sunitha Joshi Asst. Professor 11/16/2011 Regularized C.S./I.T. 12 years Yes Ph.D.-2020
Mrs. Swati Choudhari Asst. Professor 7/12/2011 Permanent Accountancy 12 years Yes M.Com.- 2008 , NET-2012
Ms. Seema Choudhari Asst. Professor 6/17/2011 Permanent B.B.I./B.A.F. 12 years Yes M.Com 2006, M.Phil- 2012 NET- 2014
Ms. Savita Kumari Asst. Professor 7/1/2011 Regularized Science 12 years Yes M.Sc.-2004
Mr. Manojkumar Gupta Asst. Professor 6/19/2012 Permanent B.B.I./B.A.F. 11 years Yes M.Com-2012, M.Phil- 2010 NET- 2012
Mr. Navaj Mulani Asst. Professor 12/12/2012 Permanent B.M.S. 11 years Yes M.Com-2004, SET-2017
Ms. Bhagyashree K. Asst. Professor 7/4/2013 Regularized C.S./I.T. 10 years Yes M.Sc.I.T - 2013
Ms. Rajashree Pisal Asst. Professor 7/4/2013 Regularized C.S./I.T. 10 years Yes M.Sc.I.T.-2013
Ms. Shakuntala Kulkarni Asst. Professor 8/6/2014 Regularized C.S./I.T. 9 years Yes ME(CS) - 2016
Mr. Sanjay Gupta Asst. Professor 7/14/2015 Permanent B.B.I./B.A.F. 8 years Yes M.Com-2014, NET-2018
Mr. Sagar Shinde Asst. Professor 8/13/2016 Permanent Science 7 years Yes M.Sc-2016., SET-2016
Dr. Shweta Rathore Asst. Professor 7/26/2016 Permanent Science 7 years Yes Ph.D- 2003
Mr. Onkar Mone Asst. Professor 10/6/2016 Adhoc B.M.S. 7 years Yes MMS- 2014
Mr. Pintoo Jaiswar Asst. Professor 7/25/2016 Regularized Mathematics 7 years Yes M.Sc-2015, SET-2018
Mr. Ashutosh Sharma Asst. Professor 9/26/2017 Adhoc B.B.I./B.A.F. 6 years Yes M.Com- 2017
Mr. Nishant Bist Asst. Professor 8/1/2018 Regularized Science 5 years Yes M.Sc-2017, SET-2018
Ms. Divya Gautam Asst. Professor 8/1/2018 Regularized B.M.S. 5 years Yes M.Com-2013, SET- 2016
Dr. Kanika Pahwa Asst. Professor 7/16/2019 Regularized Science 4 years Yes Ph.D.- 2018 , NET-2014
Ms. Riyu Haldankar Asst. Professor 7/8/2019 Regularized B.M.S. 4 years Yes M.Com- 2010, NET-2018
Advocate Swati Deshpande Asst. Professor 10/1/2021 Adhoc Commerce 2 years Yes LLB -2022
Mr. Manohar Dhotre Asst. Professor 7/12/2022 Adhoc Accountancy 10 months Yes M.Com-2021, SET-2022
Mr. Tejas Risbood Asst. Professor 8/22/2022 Adhoc B.M.S. 9 months Yes M.Com-2019, NET- 2021
Mrs. Aparna Surve Asst. Professor 9/8/2022 Adhoc Economics (Commerce) 8 months Yes M.A-1999, M.Phil -2012, SET-2018
Adv. Swati Deshpande Asst. Professor 7/3/2023 Adhoc Commerce 4 months Yes LLB 
Mr. Ketan Gawali Asst. Professor 8/1/2023 Adhoc Accountancy 3 months Yes M.Com., ICWA
Ms. Gauri Dash Asst. Professor 7/12/2023 Adhoc BAMMC 4 months Yes MAMMC
Ms. Rupali Sarode Asst. Professor 8/23/2023 Adhoc C.S./I.T. 3 months Yes C.S./I.T.
Dr. Rashmi Lengade Asst. Professor 8/28/2023 Adhoc Bus. Commun. 3 months Yes M.A. Ph.D.
Mrs. Supriya Gaikwad Asst. Professor 8/7/2023 Adhoc Commerce 3 months Yes M.Com.
Ms. Ulfat Sayyed Asst. Professor 8/8/2023 Adhoc Science 3 months Yes M.Sc.
Mr. Chaitnya More Asst. Professor 8/21/2023 Adhoc Science 3 months Yes M.Sc.
Ms. Darshana Wade Librarian 2006 Regularized Library 17 years Yes M.L.I.Sc.(Masters in Library and Information Science) - 2012, M.Phil -2009 NET-2019
Mr. Omkar Gije Asst. Professor 2019 Visiting BAMMC 4 years Yes Multimedia
Mrs. Shweta Gupta Asst. Professor 12/1/2022 Visiting C.S./I.T. 5 months Yes M.C.A.
Mr. Patel Asst. Professor 10/1/2023 Visiting M.Com 1 month Yes M.Com.