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Criterion 3- Research, Innovations and Extension

3.1.3 Number of Seminars/conferences/workshops conducted by the institutionduring the year 2022-23
Criteria-3 Report 3.1.3 Seminars Conferences
3.2.2 Number of books and chapters in edited volumes/books published and papers published in national/ international conference proceedings per teacher during the year 2022-23
3.3.2 Number of awards and recognitions received for extension activities from government / government recognized bodies during the year 2022-23
e-copy of the award letters
3.3.3 Number of extension and outreach programs conducted by the institution through NSS/NCC/Red cross/YRC etc., ( including the programmes such as Swachh Bharat, AIDS awareness, Gender issues etc. and/or those organized in collaboration with industry, community and NGOs ) during the 2022-23
Reports of the event organized
Criteria 3 Report 3.3.3 NSS-NC
3.3.4 Number of students participating in extension activities at 3.3.3. above during the year 2022-23
Report of the event
Number of Students Participating
3.4.1 The Institution has several collaborations/linkages for Faculty exchange, Student exchange, Internship, Field trip, On-the- job training, research etc. during the year 2022-23
e-copies of linkage related Document
Financial Project
HR Project
Marketing Project
3.4.2 Number of functional MoUs with national and international institutions, universities, industries, corporate houses etc. during the year 2022-23
E-Copies of the MoUs with institution / industry/corporate houses
E-Copies of the MoUs with institution / industry / corporate houses
Any additional information
Any additional information