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I am very much happy to express my few words of appreciation. The Mehta College was established in 2001 with only a few courses of B. Com, B.A and B.Sc. Since then, the college has made progress by introducing a wide range of programs, such as B. Com in Accounting and Finance, in Banking and Insurance. B.Sc in Information Technology and Computer Science, B.A in Multimedia Media & Mass Communication, and Bachelor of Management Studies and Post Graduate courses in Science (Chemistry), Information Technology and Commerce( Advanced Accountancy) to cater to the needs of the industry and students’ interest.

We must continue to forge ahead, as the Management envisions the introduction of numerous new courses in the future, all aimed at benefiting our students. The Management has I appreciate the Principal, Vice Principal, teaching and non-teaching staff for their tireless efforts in the progress of the college. However, our journey of progress is far from complete. The progress should continue, the Management wants to introduce numerous new courses in future for the benefit of the students.

Educational institutions also have a vital role to play in serving the social good, and Jnan Vikas Mandal is committed to this cause by providing opportunities for financially disadvantaged students. Therefore, the management has allocated funds to offer scholarships to those in need. Once again, I thank the whole team for their dedicated efforts which has nurtured the students to responsible citizens

Shri. V. B. Mugali
Hon. General Secretary, Jnan Vikas Mandal