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Discipline is the basic requirement of sound education. The college takes disciplinary matters seriously and expects all to follow rules and regulation scrupulously :-

  • Students are strictly prohibited from smoking in and around the campus.
  • Students are prohibited from getting outsiders into the campus.
  • Students must conduct themselves properly, both within the classroom and the college premises. Loitering in the corridors is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are expected to cooperate in keeping the premises neat and Clean and safeguard the college property.
  • While representing the college outside,the behavior of student should not be detrimental to the reputation of the college.
  • Students are not permitted to carry mobile phones within the college premises.
  • Students must wear Identity Cards in the college premises.
  • RAGGING IS PROHIBITED ON CAMPUS: Ragging is a cognizable offence as per the Govt. of Maharashtra Act 1999. Thus; any student found guilty of the same is subjected to criminal proceedings by the state.
  • Matters not covered above on the absolute discretion of the principal.
  • Any breach of discipline will be dealt with strictly including even expulsion.


  • Attendance of students is regulated by 0.119. The explanation issued by the University vide Circular No. UG/235/98 dated 3/7/98 relating to 0.119 says that "For granting of terms, attendance of 75% of theory, practicals and tutorials (wherever prescribed) separately will be required, out of the total number of lectures, practicals and tutorials conducted in the term.
  • The Hon'ble Mumbai High Court in Appeal No. 472/2002 held that ordinance 0.119 makes it dear that attendance of two terms cannot be taken together for working out minimum attendance. The provision also says that if the attendance is less than 50%, only the management Council of the University can condone it.
  • Students who fail to maintain the condition of minimum attendance on account of illness or any other reason should apply in writing for leave of absence to the principal failing which they will be treated as defaulters.
  • Students who request leave of absence from lectures/practicals/tutorials for participating in extra-curricular activities on and behalf of college should submit the application countersigned by the respective prof-in-charge before the commencement of such leave, failing which they will be treated as defaulters.
  • Parents of students are expected to contact the Professors-in-charge, Heads of Departments, the Vice-Principal or the Principal at eve!), parents- teachers' meet to keep themselves abreast with their ward's attendance and progress.
  • Students who fail to maintain the requirement of minimum attendance without any valid reason will be treated as defaulters and their parents will be notified about the same and action may be taken against them as per the University rules.